The Christian Community Centre

If you want a Church with more of a Pentecostal feel, you might like the The Christian Community Centre (Pastor  Mark Pearce 6884 6584) in Sheraton Road.

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  1. Pauline Green says:

    Would you please be able to help me. I am looking for copies of the book the Bubble Will Burst by David M Newby. The email address in the book is not in use anymore. Do you have a contact number or a new email address for D. Newby or his ministry. I noticed in his book the name of your church was mentioned. My husband and I live in Canada email we are looking for more copies of this book. We are in NZ until March 19th. The email address for NZ is my mother’s. Hope you can help us please. Thank you and God Bless. Regards Pauline Green

  2. terry says:

    Hi Pauline,I know its 10 months since you inquired regards the book “the bubble will burst”,if you still require info let me know and I”ll send you his contacts etc.

  3. Trevor Morton says:

    Hello Folks,
    Like Pauline I too read the book The Bubble Will Burst and was very impressed with the truth of the teaching. As you were mentioned as a Team Ministry Church within the book I wonder if you know of any churches in NZ worshipping along these principles. Would so appreciate any help you might be able to give. I too have tried other websites and out-of-date contacts.
    God richly bless you all,

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