Pastoral Hotel

You’ll get one of the best modern style Pub Meals in Dubbo at the Pastoral Hotel. On a day that’s not too hot, it’s great to sit out on the balcony overlooking Talbragar Street for lunch or dinner.

Great Steaks, good kids menu.

It’s in the Middle of Talbragar Street, on the left if you are heading away from Macquarie Street.

giraffe rating 8/10

giraffe pub rating 8/10

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  1. Alzeari says:

    The Pastoral is great for a little social event. its a great place to be on a tuesday night, where the ‘musos’ (local bands) really get the place going. theres a great bar where you can get a variety of different drinks, from a red bull and vodka to a shot of that warmer stuff. pool tables, and all the standard stuff, this place isn’t bad for a beer with mates.

  2. sharron says:

    i had a mungen time with mates.. great music.. drinks.. but ill give youthe hot tip, dont give people drinks in plastic cups.. you know your better then that, but love it, good times all round.. im going there tonight.. cant wait.. fire up

  3. Belinda says:

    I’ve been here for a feed many, many times. Both for lunch and dinner, with a few friends and for a Xmas party for about 60. It’s always been great food and good service. BUT, having said that, the last meal I had there was very disappointing. I ordered a scotch fillet, medium. It came out scorched on the outside and rare in the middle, which I can still cope with, but I could barely cut the sucker with a serated knife, let alone trying to chew it. I sent it back and received a 50% discount. I was not alone either, a bloke at the table behind me had the exact same trouble with his steak too. I’ll go again though.

  4. Bill Jones says:

    Went to the Pastoral Hotel worst PUB I have ever visited food Crap service terrible and atmosphere ZERO !!! If it is an Irish pub well!!!!!!! They need to clean it up…..
    Also visited the Commercial …… Busy place well managed and NO trouble !!!!!

  5. anil says:

    it is hotel of my boss adrian iverach….so its definetly good……. hope to vist there soon….. adrian is no.1 and smart man who knows the hotel and everything and also there is different examples in sydney that most of the busy pubs in sydney r runs by adrian and also they going so well ……… like coogee bay hotel ,orient hotel at rock ,brooklyn….etc…..

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