West Dubbo Bowling Club

West Dubbo Bowling Club

One of the best bistros in Dubbo is the West Dubbo Bowling Club, on the left as you head out to the zoo.

It has a fantastic view out it’s floor to ceiling glass windows, overlooking the picturesque Macquarie River.

A great place to go for dinner, lots of seats, fast service, and the usual range of bistro meals – Steak Diane, Chicken Schnitzel, Beef Casserole, Creamy Chicken Casserole, Grilled steak etc.

Best to arrive early or book if you aim to go there on a Friday or Saturday night because it’s a spot that’s always popular with visitors and locals alike.

Good for families.

giraffe rating 7.5/10

giraffe pub rating 7.5/10

3 Responses to West Dubbo Bowling Club

  1. Julieanne says:

    hi wayne , i love the site we are visiting your town after xmas and found your site extremely useful for planning, my only suggestion would be to include the nights restaurants are open as we are coming tuesday to friday and concerned these lovely places will be closed. Its a brilliant site regardess, and the farmers market will lure us back on a weekend at a later date.

  2. jessica says:

    hi there
    i went to dubbo for a hoilday in feb 2007 and went to your club and i must said it is the best chicken schnitzel i have had ever and i have had lots in my life time as chicken is my fav not only did it taste great it was huge well worth the money the food,veiw and staff are all great i am going to dubbo again very soon and the club is on my list to eat at.

  3. Douglas says:

    The most economical place to eat at in Dubbo is undoubtedly the Express Family Restaurant. In these times of economic uncertainty people need to conserve their monetary resources. At the Express Family Restaurant, my family of two adults and two children dined there at a inexpensive $58.00 – mind you that is all you can EAT!!!
    Entress, mains and desserts. What an experience we had.

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