Rose Garden Thai Restaurant

This is currently our favourite place to eat out in Dubbo as a couple on a quiet night out.

The room feels like you are in Thailand, and so does the food, by that I mean it’s very good.

It’s quiet and we feel relaxed here.

We’ve been to the Rose Garden about 5 or 6 times and I’ve never been disappointed.

There are two Rose Garden Thai Restaurants in Dubbo. One in Brisbane Street and one in West Dubbo.


giraffe rating 8.5/10

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  1. take away says:

    they also do take away for about $15 a dish or so. we had a green curry and a mussaman and they were both good.

  2. Katie G says:

    The staff are very friendly and they love to have a laugh with you. We went to the Rose Garden for a farewell just recently and had a fantastic time!! We booked at late notice for ten, and they were more than happy to have us. Well priced…..and they let us split the bill!!!! (Doesn’t happen often!)

  3. Carmen says:

    I am not from Dubbo and had only tried Thai a couple of times before going to the Rose Grden. It was recommended by a friend and the food was wonderul, I would efinetely go there again. Nice atmosphere.

  4. P.CHALIDA says:

    First time that I went to DUBBO with my family ,I had a good time with them over the dinner in Rose Garden Thai Restuarant .Good taste,good service and reasonable price.

  5. Khang says:

    The food tasted ok, but the service could have been better.
    I am a vegetarian and had requested no fish sauce in my Pad Thai; the response from the waitress was ‘if you had more requirements, I don’t think we could do it for you’
    I have been to many Thai restaurants and this was the first. For a stir fry dish, it should be no hassle at all

  6. Wayne & Franny says:

    We are visiting Dubbo this week, and I was getting quite excited up about trying the Thai food at Rose Garden.

    However Khang’s comments regarding their difficulty in catering for vegetarians has me now reconsidering the eatery.

    As a vegetarian, I don’t want to feel I’m putting the staff out by requesting something as simple as “no fish sauce”.

    Come on! Any chef worth his/her salt can easily work around that one. Perhaps the staff just need better training?

    I’ll now discuss it with the Missus & more than likely pop-in early to speak with the chef before committing.

  7. John says:

    The Rose Garden staff are very friendly and all of the food on the menu is absolutely fantastic. I go there every time I return to Dubbo. It should be on the top of the list of restaurants to visit for all travelling to Dubbo.

  8. Geoffrey says:

    This place has the best Thai food I have tasted, with of course the exception of Longrain in Sydney. Great place freindly staff and fantastic food.

  9. iain myers says:

    Great food and a calming atmosphere make Rose Garden the best Thai in Dubbo.

  10. miki says:

    I find that the entire experience at the Rose Garden to be delightful…every time we visit family in dubbo we eat there, the food is great, the atmosphere fantastic and the staff are simply lovely… i am also a vegetarian and have never had any problems requesting vegetarian alternatives whilst dining there, they have a great vegetarian menu anyway but have always been willing to do what they can to ensure that i enjoy my meal

  11. checking says:

    Great place to eat at and take friends from out of town. Try the mixed entrée and banquet. Very nice.

  12. LW says:

    I usually don’t eat Thai food, but this really sounds good.

  13. Lisa nicholson says:

    Had a bad experience we were not given a nice welcome and found the food ok, nothing special in fact servings small, spring rolls overcooked, not enough rice and understaffed, wouldn’t bother

  14. ML says:

    I have always found the Rose Garden to be very clean with friendly staff. We have been impressed with the food and the staff every time we have eaten there as a couple and with friends. It also has a yummy takeaway option for those quiet nights at home!

  15. cb71 says:

    Poor service and very poor attitude. NOT WORTH GOING.

  16. Loren says:

    Fantastic food -brilliant service….super clean…super friendly staff…

  17. Lisa says:

    What a terrible experience. Never would I do business with a proprietor like this again.

    We took my children (6 months and 2) to the restaurant. (Which incidentally did not have high chairs, only booster seats so very unsuitable for smaller babies) my two year old was being a little silly so I decided to take him back to the hotel and get my husband to bring my meal home takeaway. As I stood up the terribly crowded table which the waitstaff had placed a curry on the edge of was grabbed at by the baby. She screamed as the hot curry burnt her skin and they my jeans. There was a crash as the curry bowl fell. The staff did not assist in any way. I wiped my babies legs with cool water from the table. I gathered the pram and children and told the waitstaff what had happened. 15 minutes passed before the curry was cleaned, the girl offered to replace the curry to which my husband agreed. As he left the waitress was called in by her boss and my husband was asked to pay for the replacement curry in front of our guests. He complied, desperate to get home and check on me and the baby. When he got home with our huge bill I called the restaurant. The proprietor YELLED at me when I said I wasn’t happy being charged for the second curry (we are not made of money) as we wouldn’t have accepted it otherwise. Then she HUNG UP on me. My husband went back to the restaurant with the curry to ask for a refund. The proprietor took him into the back alley behind the shop and YELLED at him telling him she doesn’t care if we were poor (we had just paid $130 for the food!) and talked over him continually calling out for male staff members to come to the alley and grabbing his arm. My husband left. I still never got to eat the curry. Disgusted.

    People who abuse their customers, bait and switch to make them pay twice, and are rude to those who complain do not deserve anyone’s business.

  18. Tristan says:

    I am the husband of Lisa.

    A few simple facts:

    – a hot curry burned my babies leg and no one helped
    – they said they would replace it and then charged me for it.
    – I went back to the store once I discovered my wife was ok and the lady pulled me in the back alley and repeatedly told me she was getting big Nick to come and say hi as a threatening gesture
    – as I stayed calm and left as I was not getting through I said “this is going nowhere I am leaving” she responded by grabbing me on the arm and waste aggressively.
    – I said don’t touch me I am leaving and she said “I am reporting all the things you are doing. Once again this was said in a threatening way.
    – I showed her how I had recorded the whole thing on video and tried to make a quick exit. To which she grabbed me again.

  19. Suzanne says:

    OMG Tristian and Lisa have you put this on trip advisor?
    I TOTALLY believe this happened, that manager is a horrible horrible person, I just has a horrendous experience at this restaurant and am going to write a letter to the media and the council. I am a vegan and fed me chicken and DID NOT CARE when we confronted them about it and THEY KNEW TOO.


  20. Stuart says:

    The WORST Thai restaurant experience ever.
    Traditional Thai soup made with quaters of tomato, and brown sugar.
    We ordered the steamed white fish fillet, the fish was obviously frozen, microwave defrosted and then steamed.
    Anyone with the slightest knowledge of cooking knows not to do this!
    The fish was like unset jelly, flavourless and floury.
    When a complaint was made, the rude owner completely disregarded any comments.
    If you like broccoli then order anything on the menu because they use it to fill the plate and make the dishes look more generous.
    After returning more than half of the uneaten dish and again commenting on the poor standard of the fish, requesting the bill, the disgustingly rude owner/manager still charged us a surcharge for credit card.
    I have eaten Thai all over the world, and this is the worst experience ever.
    If you feel like vomiting up $150 for the WORST MEAL of your life then eat at Rose Garden Thai Dubbo.

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