Dubbo – Villiage Hot Bake

A treat for the kids.

Our boys’ favorite coffee shop is the Village Hot Bake, just over the railway line on Darling Street. It has an upstairs eating area, where you can look down on everyone, an outdoor eating area, and a wide selection of pies, pastries, sandwiches and coffee.
Great chelsea buns! We go here regularly because the kids love it so much. Great atmosphere and service. They do a generous bacon and eggs for breakfast!

Note: they don’t do gluten free and they have MSG in their pies.

Villiage hot bake takes out the Great Australian Meat Pie competition award for best Australia’s Best Meat Pie for the second year in a row.

You can check out their website here:


6.5 giraffes

giraffe rating 6.5/10

2 Responses to Dubbo – Villiage Hot Bake

  1. cobar resident says:

    first tasted your superb pies in nyngyn and later find that the caltex in our town sells them.
    question do you sell whole to individual and also do you do delivery orders to cobar. we are dying here for good pies.
    especially your curry pies A+++++++++ yes.

  2. John Mason says:

    The best Cafe in town to catch up on all the local gossip and to make Social network contacts

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