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My name is Wayne Connor. I live in Dubbo and I run this site. Check out my personal web page here.

Dubbo.org all started about 10 years ago when I put up a single static page about the best things to see in Dubbo.

Visitors kept emailing me asking for more information, and locals kept emailing me with suggestions of more places to put up, so I kept adding more, and slowly it’s grown to what it is now!

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  1. rc says:

    i have eaten at all of the establishments you have written about but you have failed to mentioned that of escence cafe restaurant. i found it while i was wondering down macquarie street and was allured in by the mouth watering lunch and dinner menus posted up on the window. Being there now several times for lunch and then taking friends there for dinner, i assure you that the food is not only mouth watering but simple irresistable. My favourite meal at lunch would have to be the calabrese fettucini. dinner has to be the hardest choice. for entrees the beetroot tart is hard to go past but for something different the taster plate which gives you the chance of trying 4 of the entrees is the best by far. the main list comprises of the beef fillet, chicken breast, fresh seafood and much more oh this is making me hungry and then theres dessert. dessert oh glorious dessert the menu changes daily because they are made fresh on premises and i wouid have tried all of them from brulees, creme caramels, sticky date, cheesecake oh theres heaps. so i think you should go and fall in love like i have with the food at escence.

  2. Terry says:

    Hi Wayne,
    This site has great potential so I have placed your link on our web site. The more opportunity visitors have to find out information regarding our fabulouse city the better as long as it is kept up todate. Please contact me re adding our business to you data base.

  3. wayne says:

    I’ve added an entry in Essence, yes it’s great. I was waiting on a photo but every time we’ve been to Essence I’ve forgotten to take my camera!

    I agree, great food, and they change the menu quite regularly, so there’s always something new.

  4. wayne says:

    I’m actually from Dubbo.
    Check out my blog here: http://7.barracks.cl

  5. Glenn says:

    After a random google search on Dubbo i ended up here, and surprised to find an interesting site thats well designed and shows good opinion of places around Dubbo. After trying to see if i knew the person who runs the site(from Dubbo myself), was surprised to realise i do know you. I’m a mate of Pete’s from across the road, i live down a block from you. Thanx that time for helping with the RE assignment ;) gj with site

  6. Joanne says:

    Hi Wayne, You have done I a great job with your web site, any chance you could update the photos. I would love to see any new people and produce that are currently selling at the markets. Looking forward to some new pics. Thank you

  7. L says:

    Hi Wayne,
    My mother came from Dubbo. My grand-dad had a drapery store in Talbragar Street. You wouldn’t have any photos of Talbragar Street, circa 1920’s would you? Lydie

  8. pratap j says:

    its wonderful…. like to view some other time as well

  9. T says:

    hi wayne, it might be an idea to change the background pic or at least the colour of the font as it is extremely hard to read the comments and info about areas over the black stripes on the zebra. thanks

  10. Dave says:

    Hi Wayne, I am new to Joomla and have come across your site. I hope to dowload your site as it looks realy good.

    Not too sure how to load it as yet but will have a go.

    If you can offer any instructions I would be very grateful, but thanks anyway for your hard work.

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