Comet McNaught seen from Dubbo

Over the last couple of weeks the Comet McNaught has been able to be seen in the South West sky of Dubbo, NSW. I went outside expecting to spend 30 minutes searching for it, but it was obviously visible to the naked eye and you could not miss it if you were looking into the western sky.

Here are some photos:

cometdubbo.jpg cometcoonabarabran.jpg

Comet viewed from Dubbo and from Siding Springs Observatory at Connabarabran, just north of Dubbo.


Another photo from Siding Springs.

There’s more great photos here.

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4 Responses to Comet McNaught seen from Dubbo

  1. mum says:

    I had never imagined that the comet was such a spectacular site.
    Wonderful photos.

  2. TRISH OWEN says:


  3. Chris Hopwood says:

    I like the photos & i appreciate you showing them

  4. Col says:

    Obviously I should have made a bigger effort to get a better view of the comet

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