Dubbo Flood Dec 2010

Some photos and video of the Dubbo floods. This photo was taken 11AM Saturday December 4th. Click for more photos and video.

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  1. Samuel says:

    This is a first for thousands of people.
    The soccer fields are flooded and the river is about
    500m long!!!!!

  2. Eunice says:

    Thanks Wayne for the updates! My boyfriend and I are planning to come to Dubbo tomorrow and I found your site so useful! Thanks for going into so much detail and categorising all your information – the site is easy to navigate and the information is concise! It’s so good to hear from a local! Wish all towns had an intro blog like this – it’s very interesting to hear your views and makes planning for visitors much more easier! Looking forward to seeing Dubbo!

  3. Pete Manlein says:

    Is the Zoo affected by the flooding…….what happens with the animals


    Would you please advise me on the conditions as they stand today. I am to come to Dubbo on Thursday by train and will be visiting the Zoo.

  5. Resident says:

    Does anyone know if anyone has taken photos of the escalators in Centro/Riverdale and posted them anywhere for us to see?

  6. jade says:

    OMG I didnt even realise this was in Dubbo…I have been planning for 12 months to visit Dubbo with my son before he starts school and now with just 3 weeks til we are due to leave the whole of Dubbo is flooded….I hope the flooding goes down and life out there can get back to normal for all the residents and for ppl like me who have spent so much time planning and saving for a holiday out there…

  7. wayne says:

    I’d say in three weeks it will all be over but keep an eye out!

  8. wayne says:

    It’s fine to get in and out of Dubbo and yes the Zoo is open. The Zoo was never flooded. You can drive from Dubbo all the way out to the Zoo, but the Zoo is on the West side of Dubbo and it’s can take an hour to cross from East to West during peak hour, so if you are visiting during the floods, probably best to stay on West Dubbo near the Zoo.

  9. Dee says:

    How are the animals doing?? I heard there was news footage of lions being air dropped food. I hope they are all okay :(

  10. Sue Brooks says:

    Hi Wayne, Congrats on the great coverage. I am a born and bred Dubbo girl now living in Queensland. My parents have been telling me all about the flood but have been unable to find any good pics to show the true flood. All we have seen are small snippets in the news..Thanks again for the photos..Will be home for Xmas so hopefully traffic will be a bit better. Sue Brooks

  11. Martina says:

    We are driving up from Sydney to Dubbo with young kids to visit the Zoo and the local parks over the Xmas
    break. Can you please advise if the area is still flooded and whether the flood waters have subsided?


  12. wayne says:

    All clear!

  13. jade says:

    thanks Wayne, thats great news…I also phoned the zoo and the caravan park Ive booked and they too said they were unaffected so looks as though the trip is still going ahead…cant wait to get out there in a little over 2 weeks :-)

  14. Maggie says:

    We were thinking of heading to the Zoo between xmas and New yr but are wondering about the flooding and would need child friendly accomadation as we have a 3 month baby and a 3 yr old.?

  15. wayne says:

    Dubbo is pretty much back to normal after the floods now, and you could try a cabin in the caravan park near the Zoo.

  16. Diane says:

    This is May 2011 is Dubbo OK to visit now and are are the road conditions Ok

  17. wayne says:

    All good now!!! Cold, but good!

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