Editorial Policy

This site contains a mixture of articles and public comments.  It contains personal opinions and reviews about places and services in Dubbo and therefore there will be people who may disagree with the content. Here is our policy regarding changing and removal of content.  


If there is a negative comment in the comments section about your business, please keep in mind that these are just comments, and they provide feedback that you may wish to take into consideration to improve your business. Most articles contain a mixture of both positive and negative opinions, and sometimes even a dialogue between two views, so please read the comment in context, and feel free to respond yourself by leaving a comment. Generally negative comments will not be removed unless they are offensive or out of place. If you wish to have a comment considered for removal please send us an email. 


If you are a business owner who feels the information provided here is incorrect or out of date (opening hours, services provided etc) please email and the information will be corrected, but generally the articles are not modified at the request of business owners because they are reviews and as such they remain the opinion of the dubbo.org editors. 


Originally dubbo.org was providing honest reviews, both positive and negative. This led to a stream of emails from business owners who were upset by such reviews. Negative articles will be removed at the request of the business owner. But be warned – if you have asked for a review of your business to be removed because it was too negative, even if your business improves, it will not be added again at a later date at your request.  If you want positive reviews you need to be prepared for constructive criticism as well.


If you have something you would like to see added, email a description or even a brief draft article. It will be considered for addition, but there may be a delay as it is checked out and the attraction will not be added unless it is good quality and worthy of mention!


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6 Responses to Editorial Policy

  1. darren says:

    Your Dubbo.org site is the first I’ve seen that uses a drop down horizontal menu. Is it a plugin? If so, where did you get it?

    I’d like to use that for a site I have where each sub-menu item is linked to a WordPress page or post.

    Let me know.

    thank you!

  2. wayne says:

    I’m thinking of releasing it as a wordpress theme soon.

  3. Gus McDonald says:

    Hi Wayne

    Thanks for Putting Traintasia on your site

    Just wondering if you wanted more info such and pics and a Map on how to find us

    Let me know



  4. Lauren says:

    Hi Wayne,

    Just a friendly hello and to let you know that the Big 4 Dubbo Parklands website is now http://www.big4dubboparklands.com.au. If you could change this on your “Where to Stay” link would be fantastic.

    Thank you and great job with the website.


  5. wayne says:

    Gus I’d love piccys, thanks. The email address you supplied is not working though!

  6. Glen Dunkley says:

    My name is Glen Dunkley and I am writing on behalf of the Toongi Hall community located 20km south of Dubbo.
    We have established a presence online to help the public discover and find out more about the activities available at Toongi Hall.
    I am asking you or your website admin to update our address, contact details and website link as they are likely to be out of date.
    I wont ask for our email address to be public as the volunteers on the committee email address  changes, so we can be contacted via the ‘Contact Us’ page.
    The Toongi Hall may well fit into another category of yours for venues or hall hire as well as camping
    This is the camping page link http://www.toongihall.com.au/camping.html which has more information on camping than the existing caravan site link.
    The camping fee is now $5.00 donation.
    Your page http://dubbo.org/stay/campsites-around-dubbo#

    Here are our updated contact details.

    Toongi Hall
    Address: 220L Obley Road, Toongi NSW 2830
    Phone (02) 6887 7200
    Website http://www.toongihall.com.au

    Glen Dunkley

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