Geochaching in Dubbo – 10th/11th June

Geocaching – a high-tech treasure hunt where you track down caches hidden by other players. All that is needed to play is a portable Global Positioning System, access to the internet and a sense of adventure. The sport is growing, with over 7,000 caches in Australia. Usually the sport is played solo or in small teams, with the focus on quiet enjoyment of the environment. It is organised on the internet at websites like . This weekend’s event in Dubbo has been planned for 12 months as a chance for geocachers to get together and catch up as well as get out and go geocaching together. Most of the visiting teams will camping out together for the whole weekend, and while there will be a little bit of a competitive element with major prizes donated by Globalsat ( the main focus will be on socializing and enjoying the local outdoor environment. A similar event last year saw 50 people visit Dubbo and many of those coming this year are repeat visitors from last year or have heard from those who were here last year how great the Geocaching is in Dubbo.

Internet radio program from last year’s Dubbo event

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