We think the giraffes are great, we often go and sit next to them and have lunch on the back of their enclosure. Western Plains Zoo has one of the largest herds of giraffe in Australia.The giraffe is an absolutely beautiful animal!

It’s worth seeing them being fed, they have a gigantic tongue that sticks out and wraps around their food. The feeding times are available on the map that you get when you enter the zoo.

Giraffe at the Dubbo Western Plains Zoo

Check out those long legs, and the huge neck!

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4 Responses to Giraffe

  1. Olivia says:

    They are so “Cute”

    I love them?

  2. Maddy Duffy says:

    I love giraffes! They are the cutest things!!! I’d love to be able to touch one that would be awesome. I do have a few questions about giraffes. I know they eat plants but what is their favorite? What is the height and weight of a newborn giraffe?Are giraffes born with the spots or do they develop more over time? Do giraffes get along with other animals in the wild? Hope you can answer these questions soon!!!

  3. brittany says:

    i LOVE giraffes!!!!!! they are my favorite animal ever!!!!!! im not kidding if i see a giraffe the world must stop because i have to scream!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am doing a painting on it and i am only 12

  4. juleyka says:


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