Native Plants

Be careful at the native plant stand, we always buy more plants than we need! They have a good range of native tubestock in very good condition.

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  1. bianca says:

    Hello my name is Bianca and i am interested in what types of plants live in Dubbo.
    I need this infomation because my class is doing some reaserach on your very cool town.

    love bianca xoxoxo

  2. wayne says:

    Hi Bianca, Check out here and here.

  3. Matt says:

    Dubbo has a variety of gums, warm climate deciduous trees in town and semi arid shrub like plants out of town especially in places like Beni Forest.

  4. Dennel Moore says:

    I would like to buy native plants that will grow in Lightning Ridge, with the extreme hot weather and no rain to speak of.
    I am looking to make a hedge along the side of the house but everything I buy dies. I

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