Saltbush Lamb


Saltbush lamb – the most tasty tenderest Lamb you’ve tasted.

My personal favourites: the cutlets and the mini roast racks. I don’t understand how it works, but if you ask them, they’ll give you a science lesson on how the acid or something in the saltbush makes the meat more tender.

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  1. Best Lamb Cutkets I have ever tasted Had some pommy friends over for a FORM-A-QUE yesrerday They couldn’t believe how good the lamb was Best Lamb in the Shole of This BLOODY Australia

  2. craig wilson says:

    I love saltbush lamb, Had some on a trip into central aus in 2001 and in 2011 i
    took my nephew on a mens camping and drinking trip to broken hill and back,
    but my real intention was to get more saltbush lamb, vacuum seal it and bring it home to campbelltown nsw. Is there a butcher in sydney that sells this produce?
    PS or somewhere close for another camping trip story.

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