Welcome to Dubbo!

water feature at Elston Park

Welcome to Dubbo! And now the question everyone asks: What is there to do in Dubbo?

Well, if you’re here for just a couple of days, the ‘must see’ attractions are The Western Plains Zoo and the Old Dubbo Gaol.  After that, it depends on your tastes – browse the drop down menu’s above – ‘families’, ‘relax’, ‘outdoors’ etc.

Dundulimal Homestead and Oxley Downs are two historic sites just on the outskirts of Dubbo that make a good day trip. The Local Farmer’s Markets are on the first and 3rd Saturday of the Month and the Japanese Gardens are worth a look too.

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26 Responses to Welcome to Dubbo!

  1. wayne says:

    Comments are now working again!

  2. Laura says:

    Dubbo Is The Place To BE!!!!
    The zoo is great!
    So come and visit!

  3. jess says:


    I personally live in narromine but come to Dubbo now and again! I think the zoo is great and if you haven’t been…you better!


  4. Ween says:

    I live in Dubbo and it rox my sox!! but im at boarding school in sydney… :) I miss dubbo!!!! :(
    Ween. s

  5. Maca says:

    Great website! Did you know that your information boxes look like blackboards? Speaking of which .. How about some info on the schools in Dubbo? I know a good one …

  6. L. says:

    Awesome website, i’m guessing it’s fairly new? Reading from London but a hometown girl at heart :o)

    Who is running this website?

  7. wayne says:

    Thanks. It’s been going about 5 years actually, but only just taken off in the last year or so. I host it – check out the ‘about me’ section – I take entries from anyone in Dubbo, so if there’s something you’d like to see added either write a review or let me know!

  8. stacey says:

    how are you
    dubbo is the biggest hole i ever did see
    but this site is maddddd
    it makes dubbo look goooood
    my name is stacey
    i like cake

  9. Janis says:

    How about something on the two National parks, especially the Goonoo Community Conservation area, which is a National park by another name. It is a great place to visit except when it is wet, which hasn’t happened for a while!
    There are lots of birds out there some nationally endangered.

  10. K. says:

    Hi there. We are looking for accommodation at Dubbo during the Sept school hols… so child friendly would be great. Any recommendations would be appreciated… and places besides the zoo to visit too…. thanks…

  11. jaffer says:

    dunniedoo has to be the best place to be

  12. JC says:

    Site is a great idea but hard to read the comments against the photographic background – particularly for an old bird like me!

  13. wayne says:

    Well hopefully that’s fixed now – I’ve redesigned the site to be easier to read.

  14. Jaz says:

    Dubbo just hear about…., Hi I’m from Indonesia, where is dubbo exact location anyway…, kind a nice city you have there…

    Oh yes nice thing you do with your theme here….


  15. Ellie says:

    Great website, glad i have found it as we are re-locating to Dubbo and cannot wait. Thanks, Ellie

  16. L says:

    I am thinking of moving to Dubbo from the UK. Can anyone give me some info about weather conditions, cost of living and jobs availability?

    many thanks

  17. Nick says:

    Hi, I’m from Melbourne and thinking of moving to dubbo, What is the job outlook as i would need to find work before i move, cheers..Nick

  18. We travelled to queensland in 2001 by car . stopped in Dubbo for a few nights . We ate at sticks & stones one night they cooked a gluten free pizza fresh on the night for myself . Must say that as a coeliac of 11 years it is in my mind the best pizza to date and memory i have had . In my shop a dedicated to gluten free packaged food (largest in Victoria ) i constantly tell people travelling through n.s.w. that the society up there has the best website around . this is how i found gluten free food up there .Keep up the good work

  19. rajan says:

    can anyone help me to find room in dubbo? I am coming to dubbo next month fron India. my email is hirajan123@yahoo.com

  20. Jaic Antony says:

    Dear Mr. Rajan,
    I would like to know whether u r from Kerala. I have also applied for a regional visa in Orana. Most probablly I will also be reaching there in the nearby future. Can u give ur contact details.

    Jaic Antony

  21. Jaic Antony says:

    I would appreciate if anybody can help me to get information about the availability of houses for rent in Dubbo.

  22. Ahmed says:

    I am also moving to dubbo in 1 month, during my initial job search it seems that the Engineering jobs in dubbo are quite limited. I would appreciate if anybody could give me some hints about dubbo, e.g: Job apportunites there, how to find a decent accomodation for a small family?



  23. madhu pattarambil says:

    I intend to arrive in dubbo within a month along with my family.I am in need to find a small family accommodation in dubbo that is well connected by public transport facility,shops ,hospitals .If anyone could help me in this regard it is well appreciated.my email id is madhubalasankar47@yahoo.co.in

  24. Naida H Lyons says:

    I am try to trace some of my ancestors. My Grandmother was born in Dubbo. Her name was Gertrude Elsie Greentree. Her first husband was John Bateup after he died she then married my grandfather George Michael Leonard Lyons . “Nugget” Gerorge M. L. Lyons was born in Gulgong. Does anyone have any information or can point me in the right direction.

  25. Lindsay Smith says:

    Hi Naida
    Learn how to use NSW births deaths and marriages website. This will be a good start. Good hunting and try the below link for George Lyons. I am distant relative of John Bateup.

  26. Anup Jaju says:

    Hello Dubbo,

    I am moving to Dubbo along with my Wife in few weeks. Can anybody help me find a decent accommodation for Indian couple. I am also looking Accounting job to start up my career in Accounting any basic entry job will do at the moment.

    I can be contacted via my email ID anupjaju@gmail.com.


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