Macquarie River

The Macquarie River is a feature of Dubbo. There are walking tracks, cycle tracks and parks along both sides of the river. At the west end of Tamworth Street there is a car park and walking track along the river out to the Zoo which is very nice.

Here is a picture of the start of the walking track at the bottom end of Tamworth Street.


If you want a picnic by the river, check out the West bank of the river, behind the West Dubbo Bowling Club. From the main street heading south, turn over the bridge, then left at the roundabout, towards the Zoo. Turn first left after the West Dubbo bowling club, into a little steep road that takes you down to a picnic area on the river bank with shelters and a BBQ.

Otherwise there are many places just to sit and enjoy the birds and the river.


14 Responses to Macquarie River

  1. janet says:

    The Macquarie River is a peaceful place to spend some time. You may even see the Orana Dragon Boat paddling past if you’re lucky.

  2. Karyn says:

    Is the river suitable for black/white water paddling?

  3. wayne says:

    Those two pictures of the river above are what it’s like most of the way along. No white water. But plenty of places to go for a paddle.
    There’s also meant to be some nice places to canoe up the top end of Lake Burrendong near Wellington.

  4. Janis says:

    Walking from bridge to bridge is a good place to see lots of birds in the springtime.

  5. shayna says:

    the river was a great place to go if you wanted time out i would always go there just to clear my head i also used to go paddle at sandy beach when i was little i am 10 now and i would go back in a flash

  6. brittney says:

    the river is a wonderful place to be you can do heaps of cool stuff like fishing swimming sking

  7. Talina says:

    i love dubbo so much i cried and cried when i had to leave it.
    i grew up in dubbo for 13 years i could walk from one side to the other and fell so safe and also do it with me eyes shutt i have the most amazing mates down there queensland is nothing compard to dubbo i would prefer the river to the beach any dayy
    xoxox love you dubbo

  8. Thomas says:

    what kind of fish are in the river there at dubbo

  9. james says:

    it is apeacful river near burrabadine u can paddle sit back and relax while your kids play

  10. Isobel Smith says:

    Where is the Maquaire River found?

  11. dave says:

    the maquarie is a fantastic river with lots of character I go there a lot. Unfortunately it suffers from littering, Im constantly picking up rubbish,lots and lots of broken bottles which stop me from letting the kids more than two feet from me, lots of dog mess, lots of fast food wrappers (which i often put in a big heap and burn on one of the numerous old camp fires which you find everywhere) I saw a “clean up the Maquarie” event advertised ,which I got very excited about, but It was cancelled and not rescheduled. People should respect the river, but they dont! so how about cleaning it up occasionally ? I see the same rubbish sitting there (until I have to pick it up). Dubbo council are always banging on about how to attract visitors, how about cleaning up and making the most of its moste amazing feature???

  12. april says:

    is the Macquarie river salt or fresh water and can you go fishing in it

  13. wayne says:

    Fresh water and yes you can go fishing.

  14. Xavier says:

    What kind of fish can you catch?

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