Victoria Park


Victoria Park is without a doubt the best Park in Dubbo. It’s right in the centre of Dubbo, opposite the railway station, on the corner of Darling and Talbragar Streets.

A great place for a walk, a game of cricket, or just to sit down and read a book, have a birthday party, whatever. Lot’s of shade.

  • The best shade park in Dubbo.
  • Heaps of space.
  • Great place for a picnic
  • Children’s swings and climbing frame.
  • Good BBQ’s that are free and always clean.
  • Lots of Orchids in a greenhouse. A big rose garden too.
  • The Dubbo Olympic Pool is in the middle of Victoria Park.

It’s often hard to find good public BBQs on holidays, but the council have just installed new free electric BBQs in Victoria Park which are very good, and plenty hot enough to cook a steak on.

There’s a great fenced young kids playground on the East of Victoria Park, you can enter via the small road between the Skate Park and Swimming Pool.


Playground Dubbo

Also there’s the skate park just across the park – one of the best skate parks in rural NSW including a half pipe and full pipe.
Dubbo Skate Park

3 Responses to Victoria Park

  1. tinnyforyou says:

    Hi there, Victoria Park is a fantastic place to take the kids for a run around or for just a leisurely stroll. It is a great park everyone and has been for generations. I should know, my Grand father Oversaw Victoria Park being trasnformed from a paddock to the wonderful park it is today.

  2. vanessa says:

    these pictures from Victoria park is I every part of this big park
    I use to walk through the park to get to the C.B.D which I really did’nt need to
    but I did it is a really great Park!!!!!!

  3. Victoria says:

    I am Victoria, a student at a local High School in Dubbo, NSW. I am currently doing an assessment for my Geography class on the History of Victoria Park. I’ve heard it was originally a swamp before being converted into a park, however I am unsure. I was wondering if you had any information and pictures of Victoria Park that are not listed on your website. Please email me back at your earliest convenience.
    With thanks,

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