St Brigid’s Catholic Church

The Main Catholic Church is in Brisbane Street, Dubbo. They host a number of musical and artistic events as well as their regular mass.

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  1. Sharon Lahey says:

    Hi, I am researching my family history from the Dubbo and surrounding areas, the names are:
    Bradley, Cameron, McPherson, Darling, Peet, McBeath, Gleeson, Irwin, Keenan.
    If anyone ahs any information on these families can you contact me on please.
    I am a 1950 vintage and born in Dubbo, went to St Bridget’s girls college & the primary school, but can’t remember the name.
    Cheers & Merry Xmas
    Sharon Lahey (Bradley)

  2. Noob-0029 says:

    Hey blog-dogz,

    St. Brigids has a new Youth Group on Friday nights at 7:30.
    Its called ALTARed. (ALTAR-ed)
    u shuld join =]

  3. carmel ipock ( nee Bradnam) says:

    Hi my name carmel Ipock ( nee Bradnam ) i was born in dubbo nsw in 1948 and i am hopeing to hear from some one that i might know i went to st mary’s school in north dubbo and st bridets in brisbane st i was in the marching girls for a while i have 3 boys and 4 grandchildren

  4. Ausfriend says:

    Hi! We’re thinking about moving to Dubbo – do you know if there are any other Catholic homeschooling families there?

  5. Jeanne says:

    Just wondering, are there any Catholic church play groups in Dubbo?

  6. john sheeran says:

    My family will be passing through Dubbo this satursay on our way to Brisbane. We are totally 7 and are good catholics (reference available) I would be most grateful if someone or the parish could give us lodging for a night willing to pay. Please respond asap. Thanks, john sheeran

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