My favourite coffee shops in Dubbo at the the moment are Local Coffee Co (for best coffee), Sprouts Cafe (for healthiest and freshest food) and The Short Street Store  (great all round).

But – according to YOU (who voted in the 2014 coffee poll) – here’s who makes Dubbo’s best coffee…

Dubbo's Best Coffee - Poll

That’s slightly different to the hardcore coffee fans out there at Beanhunter. According to them, Brigade is #1 with Nova Scotia and Russo’s Coffee Bar  at #2.

According to Trip advisor the best coffee shops are Dahab and Sprouts. They have a bit more room and a wider range of food, although the coffee is not quite as good.

So if it’s just a coffee you are after, I’d go for Local Coffee Co, Russo’s or Brigade.

For a coffee with your breakfast or lunch try Sprouts, Dahab or Short St Store.

11 Responses to Coffee

  1. Judy says:

    Loving Magnolia Cafe as the (relatively) new owners have improved the menu. Their melting moments and chocolate caramel slice are ‘to die for.’ The authentic italian pasta is a treat too!

  2. Trent says:

    I would like to request that Sprout Cafe get listed Sprout Cafe are a new Cafe in Dubbo, with a lot to offer amazing coffee friendly staff definitely a place to be if you like quality coffee and an amazing atmosphere.

  3. Bruce says:

    Short Black on Macquarie St use Bill’s Beans Coffee roasted in Orange. They are worth a try or two.

  4. Peter Davis says:

    Check out the latest and arguably the biggest and most artistic coffee van to hit the streets. indeed the Newtown Providores van. Get on to Facebook to find out where it is ! Oh yeah … Brilliant coffee . …. every time!

  5. Jenna Pixton says:

    Grapevine is the place to go

  6. E Hall says:

    Sprout Cafe – the best place to eat out!

  7. Karen says:

    Magnolia Cafe is awesome! Sitting among nature in the courtyard while enjoying delicious food is tops! I come here all the time and am never disappointed!

  8. Glen Dunkley says:

    The Fast Lane Drive Thru Coffee is a great way for coffee lovers to conveniently grab their fix while either travelling through Dubbo or heading to one of our great attractions. There are 4 international bean varieties roasted freshly on site so the coffee is always fresh.
    Located in White Street and Bultje Street Dubbo.

  9. Chrissie says:

    Artology cafe, great coffee, fresh made cakes, vegetarian and gluten free selection. Just named best coffee in Dubbo by Sydney morning herald good food guide. Bills Beans coffee, roasted in central west.

  10. Melinda herring says:

    It’s the best coffee this side of the blue mountains ,great coffee and great service thanks Paula

  11. chris says:

    The best coffee in dubbo is at wylde fire at quest apartments. they made best piccolpo. Should add them in your coffee list.

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