The Grapevine Cafe

The Grapevine is a favourite place business people to meet up. It has a good vibe about it. You can choose between an indoor area with chairs and leather stools, plus a relaxing outdoor shaded area. They have excellent quality coffee and a fantastic variety of desserts and cakes.  Also free wifi and gluten free options.


144 Brisbane St Dubbo opposite the police station.

ph 02 6884 7354

giraffe rating 7.5/10

  giraffe rating 8/10

9 Responses to The Grapevine Cafe

  1. Sim says:

    Thanks for this great website, Wayne. It is very useful. We have just moved to Dubbo and use your tips to find nice places. The grapevine is particular nice with great lunch and free and very fast wifi, which was great when we did not have internet ourselves.

  2. Glen says:

    This hidden gem, located in Brisbane St opposite the new Police Station, is easily missed but to do so would be your loss. The Grapevine offers high quality food at a reasonable price, with the atmosphere sealing the deal.

    On a sunny morning there is no better place to start your day. Sit out in the garden area and read the morning paper whilst enjoying one of nicest breakfasts the Western Districts has to offer.

    If you’ve slept in then go for brunch or lunch. The quality of these day-time meals has far exceeded anything else I have enjoyed in Dubbo. I am yet to try their dinner menu, but would be surprised if it didn’t live up to the high quality I have enjoyed during the day.

  3. wayne says:

    Yes their coffee is very good and well made and rich and smooth. If you are getting a decaf go for a double shot.

  4. Jason says:

    I just have to agree with Wayne, their coffee is fantastic real smooth and rich. I recently moved to the same area as the Grapevine and a friend introduced me to them on Because most recently I’ve become a real coffee nut. It’s a worthwhile place checking out.

  5. Jan says:

    Hey I’m new(ish) to town too, and have a question about The Grapevine…WHAT ARE ITS OPENING HOURS AND DO THEY DO EVENING MEALS??
    Thanks heaps.

    This site is awesome and an excellent resource for newcomers!


  6. Evie says:

    8-5 Monday to Friday
    8.30-4 on Saturday, Sunday

  7. wayne says:

    Thanks Evie!

  8. Lena Birti says:

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  9. Ned says:

    I am a local and I had brunch there a few days ago. I was extremely dissapointed with the quality of coffee and the customer service. When asked to a coffee to be remade because it was 3/4 froth, the staff member rolled her eyes and after a huff, remade it. On departure when we approached the service counter, all we were asked was “can I help you”? No thanks for dining here see you next time. I rang the manager and the response I got was ” thanks for letting me know, bye”. Won’t be dining here again….

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