Dubbo – Magnolia Cafe

Magnolia Cafe Nursery

For something different try Magnolia Cafe – set in an old nursery!

It’s wonderfully relaxing sitting in the beautiful garden atmosphere.

Check out their website here.

6.5 giraffes

giraffe rating 6.5/10

7 Responses to Dubbo – Magnolia Cafe

  1. Sarah says:

    You need to put your opening and closing times on your website!!!!!

  2. Wayne says:

    Coffee is still as bad here as it was 3 years ago but it’s soooo relaxing sitting among the plants in the nursery

  3. janice says:

    New owners now at Magnolia. Lovely setting, relaxing and good luck to Lisa and family.

  4. RJ says:

    Coffees ok, wonderful personality at the helm in Lisa, and she makes the lightest pasta I have ever had, if its on the specials board would absolutely recommend. Shes not a bad cook, it could be the italian heritage.

  5. ec_kaleidoscope@hotmail.com says:

    The new owners have done an amazing job, the coffee is so much better and the pasta is really good.

  6. Karen says:

    I just LOVE going to this cafe! How relaxing to sit in among nature, I try to sit down the back near the water fountain and it is soooo relaxing. Coffee is fantastic, never burned like some other cafe’s I have been to. Service is great and I have found some fantastic plants for my garden in their nursery. The little nook shop has some great items in it too. Just what Dubbo needs!

  7. Karen says:

    Just found the Magnolia Cafe website http://www.magnoliacafe.org

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