Jimmy’s Kitchen

Jimmy’s Kitchen serves some of the best Sushi and Vietnamese rolls in town. Quick service too.

6.5 giraffes

  giraffe rating 6.5/10

5 Responses to Jimmy’s Kitchen

  1. Alzeari says:

    Jimmy’s Kitchen’s good, and i think its also the only place in Dub-vegas u can get sushi and susumi. GO YUMMY NOODLE!!!!! man they got good noodles there. (i reccommend number 7 with thin rice noodle, and adds some shrimp. heh… anyone’d think i been there before, eh?)

  2. Emma :) says:

    jimmy’s has great food, great atmosphere and a particularly good waitress on Tuesday nights!!!! :) Try the honey black pepper beef or the king Prawn Supreme in creamy pumpkin sauce…YUMMY!!!! Great Take away specials especially on Tuesdays and Wednesdays!!!

  3. MrSausage says:

    Jimmy is the man great food always ,i have never been dissapointed!!

  4. maddi (beths friend) says:

    i also think jimmy’s food is great
    i love the sushi i go there every 2nd saturday i just cant get enough of that YUMMMY!! food.. :)

  5. liz says:

    additions for your site maybe ??? the Olive Bay Nursery and the Short St Shop

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