Dubbo – Hot Bread Shop

The name is nothing flash, but the pies are great.
The only pie shop in Dubbo that has no MSG in their pies.
In my opinion, better than the Villiage Hot Bake even though the Villiage Hot Bake have won lots of awards.

2 Responses to Dubbo – Hot Bread Shop

  1. miki says:

    i agree…you really should check it out!…by the way, it is now called Heuy’s Cafe…still in the family with the same great taste and same amazing people, the coffee is really nice there too, and Lilly will go out of her way to ensure you have a great time and enjoy the food

    the staff are always smiling and their huge range of cakes and slices are to die for… also ask about their whole mud cakes for your next special occasion, ordered one for my mums birthday and it was fantastic!

  2. Col says:

    I wonder what the address is for this Hot Bread shop which is now called Heuy’s Cafe?

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