Dundulimal Homestead


An old slab home, well kept. It’s out past the Zoo. It has an old feel to it, a cafe with country style food, and some animals which the children can feed by hand.

You could easily spend half a day there. Seniors will like it, or people who like historic kind of things. It’s open from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (02) 6884 9984.

It’s run by the NSW National Trust. More details are on the National Trust website.

2 Responses to Dundulimal Homestead

  1. Carly. says:

    My sister got married here early in May,
    We had a great time the food was great & the maintenance of the lawn & garden was beautiful in the photos.
    Anyone looking for a place to get married i highly recommend Dundulimal Homestead.

  2. peter hendley says:

    Please send me details about visits(including lunch) to Dundulimal Homestead.

    19 Threadneedle Street
    Balwyn. Vic. 3103


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