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ddfhs.jpg Dubbo and District Family History Society Inc has one of the largest collection of genealogical and historical resources outside of Sydney. This collection is at the Western Plains Cultural Centre. Their website for more information can be found here.

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  1. Dawn says:

    The link for the above does not appear to be working. Could you please advise if they have a current website.

  2. Dassa says:

    Unfortunately the website for the Society is currently down. It will be back up shortly.

  3. Pauline says:

    Dear whomever,

    I was wondering what the operating hours are for the Dubbo & District Family History Society Inc. I am looking up coming up from Melbourne in April and would like to access some information on my grandfathers parents, in particular his mother Ivy Heydon, who died in Dubbo in the early 1920’s – if there is any information available. I recall that you weren’t open on Tuesdays? Could you please confirm times and days of operation.

    Thanks and regards,

  4. Gavin French says:

    I was hopeing too donate some material too the Society but it is out of order .I was hoping too gain some interest and contact with those interested in the names of Hicks ,Gow and Tradelegy .

  5. Susan Carroll says:

    Looking for any Carrolls who are related. My grandfather was Patrick John Carroll married Kathleen Hitchen daughter of William Hitchen ( Coo-ee March leader) The Carrolls moved to Gilgandra then later when their four sons Vin, Lyall, Erroll and Patrick married they all moved to Gosford. Vin in Real Estate, Lyall and Paddy ran a bakery and Erroll my father had a jazz band. All four brothers passed away now. Would love to hear from any relos Hitchens or Carrolls.

  6. Susan Carroll says:

    correction of email address

  7. Pat Monaghan nee Smith says:

    My grandfather was Charles Smith and my grandmother Elizabeth Carroll her father was James Patrick Carroll of Dubbo. I lived in Gosford and the Carrolls there where my father’s cousins they owned The Carroll Inn a cake/bakery shop I have been researching my fathers family and bingo! I think your grandfather was my grandmother’s brother but I’m not sure, all the Smith family are dead now, so sad, there was a Carroll in Gosford who was a dentist also, I think he was a Carroll I was only 16 or 17 at the time

  8. Pat Monaghan nee Smith says:

    My G.Grandfather’s name was Patrick James Carroll he married Margaret Kent in 1884 he died in Sydney in 1922 aged 74. Margaret died at Clydebank Hospital in 1924 aged 69. They had 9 children 6 boys and 3 girls. A Patrick was born in 1888 my grandmother Elizabeth was born in 1885.

  9. Pat Monaghan nee Smith says:

    To Susan Carroll re Carrolls of Gosford, I have been speaking to my Aunt who is my late fathers sister and she said Yes the Carrolls Vin,Lyall,Errol and Patrick would be my 3rd cousins making you my 4th cousin !! She remembers the boys well, and what they did great to speak with her,she is in her eighties of course I’m 70 so time does fly. hoping to hear from you…….. Pat

  10. Bev says:

    I am hoping to find information on Lilian Finch (nee Cauchi) wife of Neville Finch (married in 1950). Lilian’s mother is my Great Aunt. Any information would be greatly appreciated and any rellies welcomed.

  11. barbara bevan says:

    Sorry the Historical site is not working. I’m trying to find anything about my ancestor Charles Rademy who was from Dalmatia and lived in Dubbo in the 1870’s or about. How do I access your records?

  12. Kay Cordery says:

    My great grandmother registered her 3rd child’s birth, following shortly after her husband’s death, at Pine Ridge, Denison Town. Her name was Elizabeth Manning, nee Donoghue. I wonder where this is in relation to the town of Dubbo, and whether her parents in law , Thomas and Margaret Manning [we think he was a blacksmith] were settled there. The years of 1882-1892 are relevant.
    Would the historical society have records to help?

  13. Lorraine Lang says:

    Looking for information on my great-great-grandmother, Charlotte McMunn and her parents John and Priscilla McMunn.

  14. Jennifer says:

    I’m one of the Astill clan. Looking for information on great grandmother Annie nee Hudson born 1858, married Alfred Astill 1876 Narromine. Supposedly still around Dubbo area 1935/36. BDM records not helpful. Alfred and Annie separated but no idea whether there was divorce/remarriage.

  15. Barry Robertson says:

    Re: Lorraine Lang message, 31 July.
    My wife Carol’s gr/grandmother was Rose Hannah McMunn, father John and mother Priscilla Hart. Rose married William Henry Whitton and is buried at Ballimore, Lonely Graves. Sounds like the same family.
    We have nothing on them at present and are trying to find out more about where this family came from.

  16. scott McMunn says:

    Lorraine, & BARRY i can help you somewhat, i have the MCMUNN line back to 1640 & it DOES inclued JOHN & PRICILLA(HART) MCMUNN, it inclues 5000+ names
    this MCMUNN line came from scotland then to Ireland,then to America,Canada,England & Austrilia,would love to swap info with ya
    scott McMunn

  17. Naida Lyons says:

    I have been trying to find information regarding the Greentree family but am not having much success finding a way to contact the Historical Society. My Grandmother was Gertrude Elsie Greentree (1891-1954) Gertie was born in Dubbo. I have also been trying to find information about her father Albert. Albert was born in the Lower Hawkesbury in 1856 and died in Dubbo in 1910. Is there some way I can access information on line as I am living in Hervey Bay Queensland.

  18. Barry Robertson says:

    To Scott McMunn
    Have just found your reply of Dec 15 2010, re my enquiry on the McMunn family. Would love to make contact so we can exchange info. We have info on the Whitton family and their descent from convict William Witten.
    Barry Robertson

  19. scott says:

    my email is scottiemcmunn@yahoo.com, will send a ebook to you on the MCMUNN FAMILY

  20. wayne says:

    If you have specific queries you are probably better off directing them to the history society itself, this webpage he is just a Dubbo information site.

    You may also want to contact the local Dubbo library, they have cemetery records.
    Macquarie Regional Library
    ph 6801 4510
    ask for Sandra Smith for historical matters.

  21. wendy says:

    I am searching for a property ‘Chain of Ponds’ – in 1847 it was described as being one of 6 stations within the Timnee or Gorothory Run. It was said to be within the Obelee Mountains – embracing a circle about 4 miles taking Chain of Ponds as the centre.

    Other stations were Paling Yards, Cundy, Caddumbles, Carrogh Creek.

    Spelling is notoriously irregular in these old descriptions so a phonetic interpretation is recommended.

    If anyone has any tips on where the property may be or have been – or tips on where to find a map of the area at the time – I would be most grateful as ‘Chain of Ponds’ is where my great-great-grandmother was born in 1847.

  22. Ciara Knox says:

    Re: John McMunn & Priscilla Hart
    Would love to get in contact with Barry Robertson & Lorraine Lang regarding the McMunn Family. John & Priscilla are my GG/Grandparents. Was is contact with Scott McMunn some years back but was unable to find a connection as McMunn isn’t John’s original surname it changed to McMunn some years after his arrival in 1844. John served as a chief constable with the NSW police before becoming a gaoler at Dubbo. I am descended through his daughter Priscilla Mary who married William John Bird. Would love to hear from anyone connected to this family.
    Regards Ciara

  23. Pauline Lynch says:

    Hi, I don’t know if you could help me, but would like some information about the pub that used to be in Wongarbon in the 1920’s. It was near the railway line. My mother grew up in the pub.
    Thank you,

  24. Tamarra Whitton says:

    This message is for Ciara Knox, Scott McMunn, Barry Robinson and Lorraine Lang. My Great Great Grandparents were Rose McMunn and William Whitton, I would love to hear from you to gain any information that you would be happy to give. I am also happy to help you with what I have. My email is tamasswarlock@gmail.com Kind Regards Tamarra Whitton

  25. Claire Cauchi says:

    Bev, have just read your enquiry of 21.1.2010 re Lilian Finch (nee Cauchi), she was my sister-in-law who died last month in Sydney aged 83. Her mother Louise Cauchi died in 1984 aged 90. Maybe we can communicate if you are still available?

  26. julie roberts says:

    hi,just wondering if anyone had information on William Riley 1835-1901 died Gulgong and Nancy Ann McFadden 1839-1877 died bundemar station dubbo nsw.
    Nancys father was John McFadden and unknown aboriginal mother.
    Thanks for any help.Julie

  27. Donna says:


    This link is for Julie Roberts not sure if this will help you

  28. Donna says:

    This massage is for Julie Roberts looking for info on Nancy Ann McFadden and William Riley.
    This is the marriage certificate number for the people stated above this could help you if you order this certificate.
    Certificate marriage number is

    the v in the certificate usually indicates early church records they were married in the area of Wellington in 1855 you might find Nancy’s parents listed on her marriage certificate,,, hope this helps

  29. Suzi says:

    Message for Julie re: Nancy McFadden. I have been researching Nancy and extended family for a number of years for my husband. I have a lot of information including the aboriginal mother. You are welcome to email me mymico@gmail.com

  30. Suzi says:

    For Julie Roberts,
    I have a lot of information on Nancy Riley nee McFadden, her father, mother and children. My husband’s grt grt grt grandmother is Nancy. You are welcome to send me an email mymico@gmail.com for info/discussion

  31. Tegan says:

    Hi there,
    Looking for ANYONE with information on FRANK JAMES or Kathleen FINCH from Dubbo area. Please contact me tegan.pollack@anglicare.com.au

  32. Barbara Bird says:

    Hello Clara Knox

    My name is Barbara Bird. My father, Mervyn Bird, is the grandson of William John Bird and Priscilla McMunn. If you would like information please email me at hl_bbird@outlook.com and I will let Dad know so he can contact you with information.

    Barbara Bird

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