Dubbo Radio Stations

While you are in Dubbo be sure to listen to one of the local radio stations.

I’ve quite enjoyed listening to Dubbo’s Country Mix FM lately. It has a very ‘Country’ feel, it is on FM 87.6

Also you can catch the local sheep prices and so-on on ABC NSW local radio at 95.9 FM.

Rhema FM 94.3. Dubbo’s  locally operated Christian community radio station servicing the central West.

The more commercial style stations are Zoo FM (92.7) and Star FM (93.5).

For a more talkback style with local issues, 2DU Dubbo on AM 1251.

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  1. Dene Lynneberg says:

    Is Country Mix FM 87.6 Still on the air. If so do you have a mailing oe email address for them. I heard them in June 2007 when working in Dubbo and the surrounding region whilest I was quality auditing the Telstra 3G WC~DMA cellular installations.

  2. U. says:

    Zoo FM with EJ and Lia in the morning is the best

  3. Saku says:

    I spent one week in Dubbo in Summer 2007 following JWOC orienteering competitions. Based on visits in several restaurants and shopping centers I must say Dubbo being nice place.

    I tested your local radio stations too. Their programs are good comparing to europeans. Later I have visited several times in Dubbo with Internet! ;-D

  4. Deej says:

    Star FM is GREAT. Fun announcers always on the pulse of whats happening in town and always lots of free stuff to win and events to go to.

  5. ron wolford says:

    do you have any radio stickers if so could i get a couple thank you ron

    ron wolford
    103 freedom ct
    kokomo in 46902

  6. Stephen Fleay says:

    Congratulations….Dubbo, when I worked in nearby Orange back in the 60’s always was the most progressive city in the central west of NSW.
    I have just been browsing this web-site and see Dubbo is an even more vibrant place.
    Better still despite some new radio and television stations 2DU is still there, and still serving the community.
    Even though I am no longer living in Australia, now retired in beautiful Bandung, I can now “visit” Dubbo via this website.
    Stephen Fleay
    presenter CBN 8 CWN 6
    1965 – 1970

  7. Rob Germon says:

    Dubbo. It’s nice to see 2DU Dubbo still on the air after all these years. I worked for CBN 8 in Orange back in the 60,s and often flew to Dubbo in a trusty Tiger Moth from Orange for the day. The people who put this website together need to be congratulated. It’s one of the best and smartest sites on the net. One request. How about some more pictures of Dubbo, The nice housing areas, the CBD , people in the streets and some good aerials.

  8. Geoff says:

    You can also get 105.5 Classical ABC FM in Dubbo.

  9. Robert Smith says:

    Having formerly lived in Dubbo I like the fact that I can listen to 1251 2DU and Mark Lynch in the afternoon doing the requests, also the fact that I can put in a request myself I wish to do. Good work 2DU. Bob Smith

  10. Peter WH says:

    What has happened to the great expectations on the Community radio station that was trying to get up and running some 12 months ago.
    Havent heard any more from them

  11. Nikki Sinclair says:

    Rhema FM 94.3. Dubbos only 24/7, locally operated Christian community radio station servicing the central West.

  12. Tracey boland says:

    What’s happened yo the am station haven’t been able to here country hr

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