Dubbo Centro

The Shopping Mall at the South end of Macquarie Street.
It has Coles, Target, health food and clothing shops, a food court with Muffin Break, juice shop, donuts and great coffee at Gloria Jeans coffee, and pretty good kebabs. Public Toilets too.

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  1. Alzeari says:

    there’s also the myall st shopping centre. i know there isnt a GREAT deal there, but its still good. there is…; a laundertte, a newsagency, a take-away/grocery store, uhm.., a butcher, a hairdresser (i htink) and a florist (i think) the newsagency is really nice. the butcher’s got great stuff. the mini-mart is really pricy but they got really gooooooooood chippies

  2. Amy says:

    Is there thursday night shopping at any dubbo centres?

  3. wayne says:

    Yes, the main street is a good place to go Thursday night shopping with lots of shops open, as well as the Centro mall being open Thursday night.

  4. kerianne mcmasetr says:

    the Centro Mall is a great place to go shopping, there are a lots of good shops and great places where you could get a little munch while shopping.

  5. Shirley says:

    Is there a bowls shop in Dubbo?

  6. my family loves to go to centro it is the heart of dubbo

  7. jessie says:

    is there anywhere in dubbo to buy formal dresses ?

  8. Paige turner says:

    Is there a Bloch store in dubbo or anywear that sells dancewear and dance shoes? I need pointe shoes

  9. Cody says:

    Is there any surf shops at Centro, And what is the best shopping centre at Dubbo.

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