Fresh Seafood


Every Thursday the Atlantic Fresh Seafood van comes to Dubbo, and there’s always a great selection of fish fresh from the Sydney markets. It parks at the service station in front of Harvey Norman on Cobra Street, about half way between Orana Mall and Macquarie Street.

Personally I love the flathead, although you need to get in early because it must be a local favourite, it always sells fast. There’s a slightly different selection each week, but always prawns, calamari, mussels, and a selection of fish such as salmon, deep sea perch, gemfish, barramundi, and other fish which I don’t really know very well but we certainly are eating more fish since the fresh seafood van has been coming to Dubbo!

5 Responses to Fresh Seafood

  1. Heather & Eric says:

    Best oysters, prawns and fish we’ve tasted. Rick selects only the best and brings it out west so we’re lucky enough to taste it fresh on the day.

  2. Erin says:

    Fresh from the markets….oysters and prawns are a must.

  3. Heather & Eric says:

    The best prawns, oysters and fish we’ve tasted out west. Delivered fresh on the day….you can still taste the salt from the ocean. Fantastic and well priced.

  4. pybar says:

    best seafood i have ever tasted bought from atlantic fresh seafood i love that it is direct from deck to door well done see ya next year.

  5. carol holmes says:

    love some prices on these sea foods, just moved from sydney where there is an abundance of fresh sea food places to purchase from.would purchase from this place at the right place thanks carol Holmes

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