Dubbo City Caravan Park


The Dubbo City Caravan Park is next to the river and has a nice quiet feel. Colorful kids play equipment (though not under cover). It has the best pool of any caravan park in Dubbo. Last time I checked it was $20 for a powered site, plus $4 per child. Ph no is 02 6882 4820. It’s on the West Side of the Macquarie River between the two main bridges.

I’ve had two families who have reported having their cars broken into while staying here. It has a very big fence around it. But apart from that it’s a very nice park and cheap rates.



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  1. Blithe says:

    In 2005 we stayed in this great caravan park on our x-mas holiday. Although it was for only one night we found the staff and facilities fantastic! We are hoping to stay there again this year. If you are looking at a place to stay for 1 nights or more I’d suggest this place.

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  3. Tammy Clancy says:

    I stayed at the Dubbo City Caravan Park and it was great such a great atmosphere, clean cabins. The children loved swimming and playing and meeting other children at the childrens playground. It was peaceful and the surroundings were very pleasant. The staff were also quite accomodating i recomend it to anyone. I will be definately staying there again. Cheers.

  4. Rachael Tara says:

    I am interested to come and stay there for a week or two. How much for five weeks?

  5. Mark Gall says:

    We stayed for a week, nice and clean, good rates, great staff, kids loved the pool and play equipment, close to everything. Unfortunately we had our car window smashed while we all slept only 2 feet away and everything valuable taken out of it, along with a few others on our lane. Apparently according to the local glass guy’s this is a common occurrence, so if you stay in Dubbo sleep with your valuables.

  6. Sandra says:

    Hi – I tried to follow the link on this and it went no where – I googled them and found it at http://www.dubbocityholidaypark.com.au – thought you might want to update the info :)

  7. Rj says:

    Hi there i was wondering what your weekly rate is to stay at your park. do you have cabins???

  8. wayne says:

    You would be best off contacting the caravan park directly with this question.

  9. Ray says:

    Whilst the park has high fences they need to do more as far as security goes as during our recent stay of 2 nights a car near our van had it’s window smashed and valuables stolen. Comments by the attending police would indicate there is a pattern in the approach of the thieves and park management needs to be more pro-active.

  10. Amanda says:

    How do we get these details removed from this site?
    Cheers Amanda

  11. wayne says:

    Amanda can you email me wayne@dubbo.org and let me know why you’d like it removed. I

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