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Welcome to Dubbo!

Welcome to Dubbo! If you are here for just a couple of days, the ‘must see’ attractions are The Western Plains Zoo and the Old Dubbo Gaol.

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Fresh vegetables

Yuri is a character, he always gives you a very big thankyou and handshake after you buy from him and says ‘Thankyou for supporting us organic farmers.’ He has at least 4 different kinds of potatoes, great garlic, and a selection of other organic vegetables.

This stall has low priced vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower

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This herb and seedling stall is at the markets every fortnight.

Last week there were Tulips for sale in pots, must be a spring thing. I haven’t seen them before

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Saltbush Lamb

Saltbush lamb – the most tasty tenderest Lamb you’ve tasted.

My personal favourites: the cutlets and the mini roast racks. I don’t understand how it works, but if you ask them, they’ll give you a science lesson on how the acid or something in the saltbush makes the meat more tender

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The Lime Grove

The lime cordial from the Lime Grove is great. They make a fantastic marinade for chicken that you can sample for free at the markets, that has lime and soy sauce and some other goodies. And I won’t tell you how good their figs are because the less people that know, the more chance I have of getting some.

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Nice sourdough bread from Blackheath, at the Dubbo Farmer’s Markets most weeks. You have to get in really quick if you want to get some sourdough spelt bread. It always sells fast. 

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